Photo Requests

ArcticNet photos can be licensed for use in both electronic and print publications. All photos on this website are protected by copyright. Any copying, usage and/or distribution without the express written permission from ArcticNet is strictly prohibited. Permission to use a photo will be conditional on ArcticNet obtaining the photographer’s authorization for the specific request therefore approval delays will vary. A maximum of 10 pictures per request applies.

Note that licensing fees do not apply and all licenses granted are non-exclusive and for one-time use.

Conditions of use are as follows:

1.    Copyright. All photographs and rights therein, including copyright, remain the exclusive and sole property of the photographer.

2.    Credit.  Credit in the name of the Photographer and ArcticNet shall accompany the photographs when they are reproduced. Credit shall be given in the form of the following sentence: First and last name of Photographer / ArcticNet (ex: Martin Fortier/ArcticNet).

3.    Additional usage. If you wish to make any additional uses of the photograph (other than described below in your email), please seek permission from us (ArcticNet) first.

4.    Uses not permitted. You may not distribute, transfer or grant any rights to the photographs to any person or organization. You may not sell, license or distribute its final product (your thesis for example) in such a way that permits other persons to extract or access the photographs as a stand-alone file.

5.    Photo alteration. Any treatment that transforms the photo is not permitted; if in doubt submitting the draft for authorization applies.

6.    Make sure the image is not shared with anyone after its usage, for example, by putting it in a photo bank.

Submitting a Request

Requests are to be addressed to and must include the following information on how the image or images are to be used:

  • -    Image ID(s) and name of photographer(s)
  • -    Media Type (eg. book, brochure, article in magazine, website, etc.,)
  • -    Description of event or program being promoted if applicable and targeted audience
  • -    Distribution (locally, regionally, nationally or internationally)
  • -    Image size for printed versions (eg. ½ page)
  • -    Press run for printed versions (number of copies)

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