2020 ArcticNet Photo Contest

In addition to conducting high level Arctic research, ArcticNet researchers, students, managers and partners have been remarkably successful in sharing their scientific adventures to understand the impacts of Arctic climate change with the general public and other stakeholders. The stunning photos collected as part of ArcticNet related activities are an essential element of our outreach efforts.

ArcticNet photos have been featured in dozens of prominent national (Gazette, Ottawa Life, Globe and Mail, UpHere, Above & Beyond, Canadian Geographic) and international (Time Magazine, GEO Magazine, Washington Post, Le Monde, Al Jazeera) print and electronic media publications. Our photos have also illustrated numerous policy relevant documents (Canada's Northern Strategy, Canadian Polar Commission reports, AANDC reports).

Internally, ArcticNet photos are used to visually enhance ArcticNet's communication material such as the Annual Report, display booths and public presentations.

ArcticNet’s annual photo contest is an opportunity to share your dynamic and eye-catching photos of the Canadian Arctic, its people, communities, landscapes, wildlife and research activities. Over $1000 in cash prizes are awarded at ArcticNet's annual scientific meeting in December.

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2020 ArcticNet Photo Contest.


Artistic Merit

First Place: $500

Aile d'oiseau - Ella Guscelli

Dmitrii Rybala

Dance of the Northern Lights

This photo was taken in the Barents Sea, near the Kara Gates.


First Place: $250

Field Camp Site - Hilary Sadowsky

Gautier Davesne

The calm waters of the Ward Hunt «lagoon» mirroring the research camp (Ward Hunt Island)

People and Communities

First Place: $250

Greenlandic dog shed - Wilson Cheung

Cloé Fortin

Preparing pitsik

Kitty Ittulak prepares pitsik (dried fish), hanging the fish, freshly caught, cut and seasoned with salt, to dry in the tupiq (tent) at the Nunami Sukuijainiq landcamp.

Plants and Wildlife

First Place: $250

Puffins of Lofoten - Lorenzo Ragazzi

Danica Hogan

Willow Ptarmigan in Yellowknife, NT

Research Activities

First Place: $250

Wing chord measurement of a Peregrine Falcon - Lorenzo Ragazzi

Pierre Priou

Scientists about to start surveying one of the potential MOSAiC ice floe in October 2019

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