For Photographers

ArcticNet is always looking for fresh, dynamic and eye-catching photos of the Arctic, whether they are of people, northern communities, landscapes or wildlife. We are especially interested in photos that depict research conducted in the Arctic.

ArcticNet is committed to communicating its knowledge of the impacts and opportunities of climate change in the coastal Canadian Arctic to its partners and the Canadian public. First and foremost, photos submitted to the ArcticNet Photo Gallery are used to visually enhance ArcticNet communications products (e.g. annual report). Images are also available for use by media in their efforts to communicate Arctic science to national and international audiences.

If you are an ArcticNet researcher, student, partner or collaborator and want to submit your photos to the ArcticNet Photo Gallery, please consider the following basic guidelines:

  • Only digital photos will be considered.
  • Submissions should consist of your highest resolution files.
  • File formats accepted include JPEG and TIFF.
  • File names must include your first and last name (ex: firstname_lastname.jpg).
  • Every photo should be accompanied by a descriptive caption, including the location, date and the name of any person appearing in the photograph.
  • Photos can be submitted by email to us ( Submissions larger than 10MB can be sent via file sharing tools such as Adobe Send, DropBox, etc.

ArcticNet has been providing photos to a growing number of print and electronic media publications. A partial listing of credits includes: Time Magazine, Geo Magazine, Canada Post, Focus Magazine, Eureka Magazine (see published photos for more info). Licensing fees for reproducing the photos featured on ArcticNet’s photo gallery are usually charged to media publications. A royalty is paid to the photographer each time one of their submitted photos is licensed. A royalty will not be paid when a photo is used by ArcticNet for ArcticNet communication purposes. Photographers who are part of ArcticNet’s Administrative Centre cannot receive any royalty from the licensing of their photos.

If you wish to make your photos available for publication in ArcticNet and/or media communications:

Note: ArcticNet is not responsible for any loss of digital files supplied by the Photographer while they are in the possession of ArcticNet. It is the Photographer’s responsibility to maintain archive copies of the digital files submitted.

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